Choreography, Stage, Soundtrack | Tamar Borer  
Performers | Tamar Lamm, Tamar Borer  
Video | Tamara Erde

Music | Eliane Radigue , Hiroko Komiya 
Text | Words of Tatsumi Hijikata

Voice | Harold Rubin  
Sound Editing | Alon Ledder

Costumes | Kedem Sasoon 
Light Design | Nadav Barnea

ZELLEM is a performance project that includes dance, video art, texts, drones and sound landscapes.
Within a white space, there are five squared boxes, made of a transparent, milky white polycrylic, in various sizes. In the center of the white stage floor, 3 video works appear and disappear.
Two performers, dressed in white, dance on, in-between and around the boxes in a slow and minimalistic motion, both intense and serene.
The performance space is drowned in layers of sound vibrations, shimmering words and broken sentences.

A quote from a review by Zvi Goren / ‘Habama’:

"... To rely on the late Isaiah Leibowitz's interpretation of the command to "love your neighbor as you love yourself", the distinction lays in "the degree of the ZELLEM, the humane approach, that exists in every person, and is irrefutable… The human being, from the point of view of creation or from a humane point of view, is the focus of the new dance of Borer…"

Photos by JEWBOY