"Total attention is needed for creating the sound that leads the subconscious to a deeper connection, almost as if the DNA of the sound is slowly unfolding to reveal hidden voices. This music reminds us not to forget those things we almost forgot how to remember."
Carol Robinson, bass clarinet player, Occam Ocean/Elianne Radigue

These words reflect the starting point for creating MARROW: The desire to dive into the subconscious to reveal hidden voices, to remember the source of the life force that beats in us, motivates and influences everything in our lives.

Marrow is a soft tissue found in the interior part of the bone, which consists of two populations of cells that live parallel to each other in reciprocal relationship. Within the marrow, the human DNA is created, his personal and sole mark.

MARROW is a duet for two women, which exists in a white world, as in the bone marrow. The performance takes place in an atmosphere of a shadowy, fogy space, filled with a large range of sound frequencies and designed geometrical objects that define the borders within which the dance occurs.

A quote from a review by Orin Weiberg/ Ynet:

"…On stage, there is minimalistic dynamics that storm the heart of the audience… The work Marrow is like a surrealistic dream that can easily bring you to tears… One can speak about this performance in terms of delicacy of movement, fragility of emotions, a deep and meaningful experience..."

Photos by JEWBOY