A performance that includes three works and an encounter with the artist. The encounter consists of a lecture about her artistic work, her life story, and a conversation with the audience.

About the works:

A ROCK Choreography, soundtrack, dance |  Tamar Borer
Costume |  Kedem Sasson

"And he created the earth on the back of a leviathan.
And the leviathan was in the water, and the water was on the back of a stone, and the stone was on the back of an angel, and the angel was on the back of a rock, and the rock was suspended in the wind, neither in the sky nor on the earth."
(Mahmoud Darvish's - ‘A Memory of Forgetfulness’)

The work deals with a view on our lives which are in a state of a constant change, a point of view that sees the way we walk as an inspiration to develop and give the best of ourselves.

A GIRL Choreography, dance, stage, costume | Tamar Borer
Music |  Liran Carton

To the sounds of the singing of Liran, an autistic child, who discovers for the first time his ability to express himself in his unique language, a girl dances. She observes the world with wonder and amazement. Her innocence allows her to see all that exists as arising from love..

Choreography, soundtrack and dance | Tamar Borer
Music | Nina Simone, Kathelyn Ferrier, Billie Holiday, Hiroko Komiya.
Costume | Kedem Sasson

Human life is reflected in the life of a dragonfly: a free, wild, daring creature, yet gentle, fragile, and the moments of its life are precious and pass in the blink of an eye.

The Encounter A lecture on Tamar's worldview as a person, as a stage artist, as a unique dancer, and as a guided imagination therapist. At the end, there will be a conversation with the audience.

"For me, the virtue of dance is the possibility of having a complete experience of  unique moments, and at the same time, observing them as a witness. I am grateful for the privilege of giving the spirit of dance that beats in me to my audience." Tamar Borer

"Tamar Borer's dance restores faith in man, in wisdom. Her life force inspires and excites." Billy Moscone Lerman