Collaboration with Tom Klein

Dance | Tamar Borer
Music | Tom Klein

"Turning a stick of silence, beating on silence, into a shinbone"
Tatsumi Hijikata

The work deals with the discovery of an imaginary place.
A place that is as ancient as it is contemporary, as real as it is not real, and is known to be made of natural and supernatural layers.
In this place, a stick of silence, a cello bow, an aluminum tube, can turn into a bone, into a Shinbone.
This performance is an invitation to listen to the most initial vibration, let it move us and create an experimental living space.

A quote from a review by Ora Brafman / ‘Dance Talk’:

"Klein's ultra-modern music supports a 50-way approach to playing the cello that includes the scraping of the strings, pinching and clicking with varying intensity, so long as conventional harmony does not emerge. At the same time, Borer operates in her very personal world, where there is a space for introverted beauty, while expanding her range of sensibilities…"

Photos by Natasha Shakhnes