Choreography, stage, costumes, soundtrack | Tamar Borer
Dancers | Noa Shavit, Tamar Borer  
Music | YAK , UTON , J.s.Bach, Goldberg variations, by Glenn Gould, Cisfinitum, Hiroko Komiya & Atsushi Takenouchi
Text | Excerpts of poems by : Vislava Shimborska, Sharon Hass, Shaharnush Parsipur 
Voice | Ilana Zabari, Noa Rimer, Tamar Borer 
Soundtrack editor | Alon Ledder 
Lighting designer | Nadav Barnea  

met-a-mor-pho-sis - a change of form or the nature of a thing or person into a completely different one, by natural or supernatural means.

META is a duet of two women: one is the woman that goes through the metamorphosis, and the other one represents her inner landscapes, mental conditions and emotional modes. Along the journey, the two women take on and off forms, costumes and props, only to arrive at a moment of rest and equilibrium.
The work confines of 4 chapters, each one is inspired by a different poem : Lots' wife, by Vislava Shimborska, The Hidden song, by Sharon Hass, Mahaduct, by Shaharnush Parsipur, Sadhana, by R. Tagore. The work is inspired by the Persian miniature paintings, where all details and nuances appear and disappear, from a Pandora box. The layered soundtrack, edited by Alon Ledder, includes experimental music combined with voices of various musicians singing, whispering, humming and narrating excerpts of the texts.

META wishes to embrace the idea of the possibility of creating a compassionate atmosphere, where the two women reflect this attitude towards each other. ( METTA ,in Pali, means loving kindness and compassion).

A quote from a review by Ora Brafman / Jerusalem Post:

"..Tamar Borer reaches new mastery.. Borer had proven that her work can get deeper, more crystallized, making her one of the most unique performers in the Israeli dance .. She uses clever sets and her hypnotic performance skills, to lay out intriguing somatic and spiritual artistic statement.. The journey ends with what seems to be a true personal deliverance."

Photos by Tamar Lamm