BARDO | A Collaboration with  Harold Rubin and  Roi Sandrovitch

BARDO is a concept taken from the Tibetan theology:
BAR= In between     DO= Suspension

BARDO reflects a dialogue between life and death in the course of life.
Death as an awakening aspect in man’s life, a point from which one can be reborn with new realizations,understandings and abilities.

Three characters create an abstract dialogue that exists on three different planes:
The wanderer, the angel and the voice.

Petrified woods of some millions of years old, that were brought from the Ramon dessert in Israel, are spread on the stages' floor and hang at different heights and places. Their existence empowers a sense of other time and lands.

A quote from a review by Revital Yehudai / The Epoc Times

" In her new creation Bardo, Tamar Borer evokes a circular process that elevates to view life itself as a witness. This is an intense relationship that exposes new ideas and weaves them into the core of her work..."

Photos by Tamara Erde