Choreography, direction, soundtrack, stage, costumes | Tamar Borer                             
Dancers | Ayala Frenkel, Ran Ben Dror, Tamar Borer 
Sculptor | Nobuya Yamaguchi 
Soundtrack editing | Lee Irad 
Poems | Rabindranath Tagori
Translation to Hebrew | Pua Shalev Toren.
Costume making | Orin Linder

Yamuna is the name of the black river goddess, taken from the Indian mythology . Yamuna, the goddess of love and compassion, has the ability to save human beings from their deaths due to her close relationship with her brother, YAMA, the god of death.
The piece deals with our connection as the living, with our beloved ones, the dead. It is a journey of a man going through a process of separation from his beloved wife, who has just died.

Along the seven chapters, the piece travels through passion, sensuality, tenderness, sadness, acceptance and reflections on death as an essential part of love.

The work is inspired by the book "Lovers' gift" written by Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941), a great Bengali writer, poet, musician, and philosopher. In 1913, he became the first Asian who won the Nobel Prize for literature. Tagores' work is characterized by its spiritual and emotional depth. In his book "Lovers' gift" he describes his endless love and longings to his wife who has died at the prime of her life.
The book was translated to Hebrew by the poet Puah Shalev- Toren , whose generous contribution to the comprehension of Tagores' poems is filled with beauty and wisdom.

YAMUNA is a cooperation of poetry, dance, metal craft, light, and sound design.
The work takes place within a large black metal sculpture, which contains  3 tons of grained stone sand; a very dense environment which forces new rules of gravity and balance upon the dancers.
The music for the work was created in collaboration with sound designer Irad Lee. The soundtrack combines electronic music, experimental acoustic music, live recordings of natural environments and the sonata for violin bwv 1003 of J.S.Bach. The sound designing work consists of amplifying and manipulating the live sounds of the performance in accordance with the sound frequencies of the soundtrack.

"Come to me across the worn-out track of age, and you shall meet me again and again in your voyage of life from shore to shore”.
Rabindranat Tagore

A quote from a letter written by Inbal Aloni / dancer & choreographer

.." Thank you for creating a world so pure, delicate, courageous, and complete. As dancers, you brought true authenticity, humbleness, allowing the piece to dance through you effortlessly and gracefully…"

Photos by Tamar Lamm