BOHU | A Collaboration with Tamar Lamm

Direction, Choreography, stage and costume design | Tamar Borer
Performers | Tamar Lamm, Tamar Borer                   
Video Artist | Tamar Lamm  
Composer | Uri Frost  
Sculptor | Nobuya Yamaguchi
Lighting | Tamar Orr

BOHU deals with the human fascination in relation to the concept of Chaos. Chaos, as a primary state that consists of all that exists, and at the same time, appears as a void.
The word BOHU is derived from a symbol in the ancient Hebrew that means GAZING. The state of gazing into the abyss is a psychophysical condition that allows the seen and the unseen to cohabit in the Gazer's mind. At such time, one has to face and conceive a wider, non-rational way of perception, and gradually uncover different strata of a primal universe. The performance explores various trance states which are reflected in intensive, instinctive, minimalistic movements. Based on altered states of mind, the dancers are drown, thrown and drifted in-between the different realities.
The dance is interlaced with various videos created by Tamar Lamm, which are screened on a stainless-steel surface placed on the floor. The videos offer various environments such as a water pool reflecting light transformations, a field of poppies dancing in the wind, within which the dancers can dive. This interaction creates a surprising blur of the border between the tangible and the abstract.

A quote from a review by Ora Braffman / ‘Dance talk’:

"Bohu is a unique work, free of  flattery, extremely beautiful, contributed by other great artists, such as: Tamar Orr – lighting designer, Uri frost- musician. Borer relies on her powerful stage presence, and, as an artist, she is focused, concentrated and deep, understands a thing or two about the esthetics of staging…"

Photos by JEWBOY