Choreographer, dancer, performance artist, dance teacher and guided imagination therapist.
Tamar substantiates a unique dancing craftsmanship that she has developed throughout 30 years of research and practice.
Since 1988, Tamar creates, dances and performs solo, duets and ensemble production, collaborations and co-productions in Israel and throughout the world. Her education in this professional pursuit comprises a variety of techniques such as: classical Ballet at the American Ballet theatre N.Y. Modern dance at the Rena Sheinfeld Dance Theatre, where she danced and performed 7 years, authentic Balinese dance in Indonesia, trance dance in Mexico, Butoh dance with its founders Kazuo and Yoshito Ohno, in Japan, Hata and Raja Yoga, Tai chi, Feldenkreis movement therapy, meditation and guided imagination therapy.
In 1990, Tamar was involved in a car accident that left her paralyzed in both legs. Despite the accident she continues to dance, create, teach and perform professionally with dedication and wholehearted love for the art of dance.Tamar creates and performs throughout the world. She was invited to many dance festivals like the "Haramat Masach", Israel, the "International Dance Festival", Montpelier France, "Cross Over festival" Italy, and festivals in Germany, Norway, Italy and more. Tamar has won many awards such as the Buchman Hyman fund "Promising Artist Award", the Ballet Master Albert Gaubier fund "distinguished Artist Award".

In correlation with her artistic involvement, Tamar conducts encounters and conferences to strengthen and empower challenged communities such as: abused women in shelters, the mentally abused, the disabled in homes, caregivers, psychiatrists, physiotherapists etc.
These encounters are designed to awaken the life force, the will to rebuild oneself, and the faith in the life force abilities that are inherent in everyman.

On account of these activities, Tamar won the "Grace award" ( OT HACHESED) in 2002. It stated the following: "The "Grace award" is granted to Tamar Borer for her struggle with the physical disability in a unique and creative way that sets an example for people with disabilities and to society as a whole, in Israel and throughout the world. As a creative dancer that was left paralyzed in both her legs after an accident, Tamar managed to grow and outgrow despite her physical disabilities to new artistic and spiritual heights. with a strengthening approach, her artistic lifetime-work greatly contributes to the spreading of her life story message. With the will to work, perseverance and an uncompromising attitude to fulfill a true vision in life, one can transform disability and hardship into wonderful achievements and live life to its fullness."

"I find her work original, unique, exciting and highly esthetic. Besides the beauty that Tamar weaves from her movements, she also brings a rare humane dimension to her dancing. Few artists possess such an abundance of sensitivity, talent and uniqueness".  ( Giyora Manor)