BAREFOOT | A Collaboration with actor/dancer Yousef Sweid

Barefoot deals with the question of fate in the course of life of man, an aspect that appears  through relationships.

A duet of a man and a woman, an Arab and a Jew, two dancers reflecting that which is missing, completing, disturbing and balancing. They join together and they separate through a multitude of figures expressing different parts of the complex human being.
This work is inspired by different narratives, love stories, tales of extreme existential states from various parts of the world.  
The performance's language is based on a condensed movement with an accent on extreme expression of emotional states.

The soundtrack is based on contemporary music, interlaced with authentic recordings of stories told by people from around the globe, each in their own original language.

The set of the stage include a number of objects, especially designed to enable a vertical, swirling, hurling and swinging motion that challenges the force of gravity.

A quote of a review by HAZY LASKLY / HA"EER:

"As my gratitude to Borer, I would like to quote Nitche :" from these great abysses, again, man is reborn, his skin shed, with happier feelings, with dangerous innocence, more childish and a hundred times more refined than he ever was."

Photos by Efrat Turjman