Music | YADAY by Kamilya Jubran, Winds measure recordings by Gilles Aubry, Bjork.
Costume | Kedem Sassoon  

This work reflects upon a journey of a woman searching for a place: a land to live upon, a home to feel embraced within, and an inner place of peace.

The voice of Kamilya Jubran, a Palestinian musician originally born in east Jerusalem, living in Europe, expresses an endless longing for her homeland, with a clear realization of her reality: "music is the only place I have, and that is the reason that I wonder around the world and sing. "

One hundred words in ancient Hebrew that relate to the concept "A place" are engraved on thick, black aluminum foils and concealed within a large pile of "coals". Few of the words are randomly revealed and placed as monuments within a living zone. Within this zone, one can find a place of forgiveness.

A quote from a review by Yael Efrati / Time out:

With her unique language, gestures interwoven in a minimalistic, restrained and poetic movement, Tamar dances her " MAKOM "... Along the work, Borer moves from being hung in the air by using a metal flying effect construction that hangs down from the ceiling, to a wild and  instinctive motion in space, to a slow and poetic movement on the floor ... She begins her journey in a pile of black coals, revealing the magic that is embraced within the ancient Hebrew words… Concluding the piece with an epilogue to the sounds of Bjork singing her hymn " Show me forgiveness", there is a safe place where she can rest for a moment..."

Photo by Rosselo Shmarya