Direction, soundtrack, stage design | Tamar Borer  
Dancers | Anna Seva, Ayala Frenkel, Ronnie Heller, Tamar Borer, Tamar Lamm   
Set | Kfir Shabat , Moshe Roas, Nobuya Yamaguchi. 
Video | Yael Ben Shalom  
Lights | Tamar Orr.  Costumes: Kedem Sasson. 
Sound track editing | Alon Ledder  
Music | L.O.S.D. Hiroko Komiya, Dror Feiler, J.S.Bach, Syuuka, Gilles Aubry  
Flying effect system | KEPA.
Graphic design | JEWBOY

"Select three letters from the simple ones: Aleph, Mem, Shin. From these letters emanate air and water and fire."

The performance EMESH is inspired by the ancient Hebrew scripture "The Book of Formation" that compares the creative power of men with the primal elements of the creation of the world. "The Book of Formation" is considered to be the earliest extant book on Jewish esotericism, a treatise on mathematical and linguistic theory. The historical origin of the book was placed close to the period of the Mishna, around 2nd Century CE.

English quote modified from the translations of Aryeh Kaplan(1990) and W.W. Wescott (1887)

A quote from a review by Yael Efrati:

“The new dance creation of Tamar Borer, Emesh, gives a mesmerizing perspective on our society, and lets loose some intense emotions and thoughts, hypnotizing the viewer into a reflection upon some basic aspects of humanity ... it is based on very small movements, with a strong emphasis on some complex hands movements... Her gaze centers the work...The dancers internalize the concentrated and restrained movement, expressed in a wide range of expression, flowing from introverted and mysterious gestures to a flaring motion. It seems like it all boils down to :"be reborn, create everything anew, and dance."

Photos by Rosselo Shmarya