A performance by Tamar Borer and Tom Klein

Choreography, stage, props | Tamar Borer
Musical direction, composing, sound design | Tom Klein
Dancers | Tamar Borer, Carmel Ben Asher, Yochai Ginton
Musicians | Tom Klein, Bar Eran, Nitai Levi
Light design | Tamar Orr
Video photography | Ophir Ben Shimon, Daniel Pakes
Editing | Tom Klein, Tamar Borer

NOOR is a piece for six performers: three dancers and three musicians.
NOOR is comprised of four parts, lasting together about 45 minutes.  
In the midst of a dark abyss, the figures are disguised under covers and masks, dancing in an illusory world of hybrid creatures. Slowly, they come to realize the need to discover and reveal their true nature.

NOOR embarks upon a journey to seek the primal breath, and the essence of movement and sound within it. The performers shed cover after cover, gradually turning the skin of things inside out, traveling the path that reveals light within darkness, reminding us of our humane need to carry and care for each other.

NOOR is derived from “Dinur”, the river of fire depicted in the vision of the prophet Ezekiel (Book of Ezekiel). Noor also means “light” in Arabic.

NOOR was created throughout great obstacles and limitations, due to this year's global crisis. We feel a tremendous need to maintain our obligation as artists, and to bring forth the statement of NOOR. In 2020, being a year that provokes anxiety, uncertainty and chaos, we believe it is of a crucial necessity for our society to elevate beyond fear and to remember our ability to unite our light.

A quote from a review by Ora Brafman / Rikud dibur

" On stage, a world with no past and no future, there, NOOR evolves  (in Arabic – light).
A creation of one of the singular artists who walks a long path of creations, a path that becomes clearer and brighter with time.
The performers, move as if within a thick space, creating intimacy, as Borer reflects an inner peace with her bewitching presence."

Photos by Tamar Lamm